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So when we were researching this story, we contacted our friends Caz Makepeace of yTravelBlog and Natasha von Geldern of World Wandering Kiwi for advice on their favorite Australia Ecotourism attractions. Comprised of nearly 3, reefs and islands, the , sq mile ecosystem supports an astonishing array of marine life. Aquatic animals you may see during a snorkel or dive there include 30 species of cetaceans, more than 1, species of fish, six species of sea turtles , around species of sharks and stingrays, and nearly 5, species of mollusks. The mangroves and salt marshes on the Queensland coast are fertile breeding grounds for saltwater crocodiles and frogs. So, naturally, the Great Barrier Reef ranks high on our list of must-see destinations! Its boundaries encompass four major river systems primarily the Alligator River , estuaries, floodplains, lowlands, southern hills and basins, and the stone country. But Kakadu is best known for its Aboriginal people, who have lived there for 20, , years. So not only is Kakadu rich with biodiversity as a result of environmental conservation efforts, but it also offers rich cultural opportunities as well.

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Other special birds Other special birds Choosing special birds in the Wet Tropics is perhaps an impossible challenge – there are so many. We could choose the most common that you are likely to see, or the rare or endemic or endangered species, or those with interesting habits. For the time-being, here are a few showy species which also fit some of the other categories above. Riflebirds There are three riflebirds in Australia and all three are quite spectacular.

Of course, they should be – they are in the bird of paradise family whose New Guinea members are arguably amongst the world’s most admired birds. Victoria’s riflebird Ptiloris victoriae is a reasonably common resident of the Wet Tropics rainforest and its raspy, single note call ya-a-s-s-s is unmistakable.

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How an Obsession With Rare Bird Feathers Turned Criminal

Bird of Paradise Photo Gallery The Magnificent Riflebird, Ptiloris magnificus, is a medium-sized up to 34cm long passerine bird of the Paradisaeidae family. This species used to be placed in its own genus, Craspedophora Gray, , which is now a subgenus of Ptiloris. Description The male is velvet-black bird of paradise with elongated black filamental flank plumes, an iridescent blue-green crown, a wide, triangle-shaped breast shield, and on central tail feathers.

Description The smallest riflebird , it measures between cm. Male have an iridescent purple sheen plumage, which becomes more blue-green on the head and more bronze on the lower breast. The throat is velvety black with a metallic green and blue triangular patch in the center. Females have a pale eyebrow, and the buff underparts are faintly barred with brown. Mating habits When the male begins to display, he erects the feathers of his throat and sides to accentuate the bright colours of his plumage in the shafts of sunlight that pierce the dimness of the rainforest.

He curves his rounded wings above his body and tilts his head back to expose his chin and throat to the light, and then moves from side to side in a fashion that looks almost mechanical. The female is attracted to the male’s display post by his raspy ‘yaars’ call, which becomes softer and more tuneful during the display.

The pair then face each other closely, and each bird raises and extends its wings forward alternately in an increasingly rapid rhythm.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background The birds-of-paradise Paradisaeidae form one of the most prominent avian examples of sexual selection and show a complex biogeographical distribution. The family has accordingly been used as a case-study in several significant evolutionary and biogeographical syntheses. As a robust phylogeny of the birds-of-paradise has been lacking, these hypotheses have been tentative and difficult to assess.

Here we present a well supported species phylogeny with divergence time estimates of the birds-of-paradise. We use this to assess if the rates of the evolution of sexually selected traits and speciation have been excessively high within the birds-of-paradise, as well as to re-interpret biogeographical patterns in the group.

Lowland to subalpine rainforests and some associated forests and wet woodland communities Conservation status Vulnerable: Scientists traditionally associated them most closely with bowerbirds Ptilonorhynchidae , but a major dichotomy between the two groups has been widely accepted. Results of several molecular studies place the separation of birds of paradise and other corvines superfamily Corvoidea from bowerbirds superfamily Menuroidea at 28 million years ago.

The current distribution of birds of paradise strongly supports the thesis that the group radiated in New Guinea. All of the generic radiations are either endemic or largely confined to New Guinea. The family Paradisaeidae comprises 17 genera and 42 species that are divided into two subfamilies: The Cnemophilinae consist of two polygynous Cnemophilus and one little known Loboparadisea species. The Pardisaeinae comprises seven species in three genera Macgregoria, Lycocorax, Manucodia known or presumed to be monogamous, and 32 species in 12 genera Paradigalla, Astrapia, Parotia, Pteridophora, Ptiloris, Lophorina, Epimachus, Drepanornis, Cicinnurus, Semioptera, Seleucidis, Paradisaea known or presumed to be polygynous.

Seventy-five subspecies are presently recognized. The two subfamilies are highly distinctive and share few unambiguous derived characters that prove they are of the same lineage. Physical characteristics Birds of paradise vary in size from 6 in 15 cm and 0. When tails are added into the size calculations, some birds of paradise exceed 40 in cm in length.

Victoria’s Riflebird

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I’ve left Arctic Skua as an alternative for Parasitic Jaeger as it is in wide use and not a simple substitution of Skua for Jaeger. Scientific name changes from Schodde and Bock Australian White Ibis, Threskiornis moluccus, becomes T. Purple Gallinule, Porphyrio martinicus, becomes P. Based on Aliabadian et al. Its English name has been simplifed to Western Barn-Owl. Zootaxa and Robb et al.

Note that the race jaffnense from northern Sri Lanka remains a subspecies of Black-rumped Flameback, Dinopium benghalense. There seems to be a stable hybrid zone between them. Fernando and Seneviratne and Freed et al.

The Curious Case of the Fly-Fishing Feather Thief

He stuffed a suitcase with nearly of the rarest, most dazzling species—the magnificent riflebird, the resplendent quetzal, the superb bird of paradise, among others—and vanished. He was also a champion salmon flytier. Avocation had become obsession, locking him in a kind of fly-tying arms race with other practitioners of the art. The more exotic and spectacular the feathers, the greater the kudos, and the more money to be made from selling them.

Eventually the law caught up with Rist.

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