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Nadi astrology Some millions of years ago, the maharishis of that time could predict the past, present and the future owing to the power of vision that they were blessed with. All these predictions were written on Nadi leaves, the texts etched on them was an ancient Tamil script. It is said that Maharishi Agathiyar, who had highly advanced consciousness wrote the scripts in Vattezhuthu, an ancient Tamil lettering. It is said that each and every person who lived in those times and also the future generation had a Nadi prediction for themselves. But the leaves state that only if a person has in his Karma that he is to have the services of the Nadi, he will get his leaves. An interesting tale relating to the past is that the primary centre for Nadi astrology is in Vaitheeswaran temple near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu in south India.

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All it means is plotting of the geocentric positions of the planetary bodies in relation to earth, as they move through the ecliptic in their annual journey around the sun; and in relation to the daily motion of the earth. They are charted in relation to the place and time of an event, a birth. By reading the chart of the heavens for the time and place of your birth, claim astrologers, they can know much about you.

This process of Nadi Astrology has three roles involved – A Nadi Writer, A Nadi Reader and a consultee/ client. Apart from these three roles Nadi has a techniques to for indexing those large number of .

Horoscope Matching Taurus in Match Making February 15, Views The ascendants of Tauras zodiac sign are quite calm and courteous in nature and the nature of their partner does not have much impact on them. But the way the bulls behave, same goes with the ascendants of this zodiac sign as well. If they are teased a lot then the anger is devastating. We are here with the details of horoscope matching of Taurus with other zodiac signs: Compatibility Taurus vs Aries: The people of Taurus zodiac sign are calm in nature while the Aries people are aggressive in nature.

If married, these people will not like each other and there will be less cooperation in relation. If Aries people do not take initiative for compromise then these two zodiac signs could not live happily together. Compatibility Taurus vs Taurus: If ascendants of same zodiac sign are married to each other than nothing is there to worry. But both partners will not be decisive in nature that will take away several opportunities. If married with each other, ascendants of this zodiac sign need to take initiative else others will win the game.

Compatibility Taurus vs Gemini: The Gemini people are clever and greedy in nature.

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Online Horoscope Matching or Free Kundli Matching is required for those who are going to be married , and they to know their astrological compatible strength before they finally tie their knot. This Kundli Matching tool is effective and on high demand amongst our millions of visitors worldwide. The kundli matching tool is extremely popular and this is our utmost pleasure.

Online marriage matching system is something like that where you need to put the birth details of yours and your future partner. You need to put your Name, your Date of Birth, your Place of Birth, and in a same way you need to put the birth details of your partner or future partner as well. BTW, we should mention one important thing about this online kundli matching tool that this system is also applicable for those couples who are already get married and now they wish to know their astrological compatibility.

Madhya Nadi dosha is the strongest Nadi dosha and therefore marriage should only be considered if Nadi dosha gets cancelled. The Grahmaitri score is also weak. You should get complete horoscope matching done before marriage.

From previous page ” What is astrology ” Out of curiosity I went to such a place operated by some South Indians at Colombo. After about 30 minutes of answering such questions, I felt sorry for them and told, “You seems to have a very hard time finding my leaf. Because I live in Kandy suburbs and if I get held up at Colombo, I might not be able to catch the last bus leaving from Kandy and I may have to walk about 3 km to home at night”.

They said no you have to answer these questions. I asked why I promised to tell you what you want? Answer was that they have to follow the procedure. Were you born as twins? What is the use of having a web page that nobody can see? So I had to place questionnaire in an another page to stay on the theme and the word density.

The ‘Exact Science’ Of Nadi Jothidam

Kundali Matching is followed extensively in India before solemnizing marriage. Generally the horoscopes are matched first, and only then other rituals are followed. Indians are ardent believers of kundali matching. The practice of seeing kundali before doing important work is followed in almost all families.

Kundali Milan or Horoscope matching is a great way to know the relationship between a Male and a Female. Kundali Matching is followed extensively in India before solemnizing marriage. Generally the horoscopes are matched first, and only then other rituals are followed.

The list below shows the general job significations by the individual planets. As per Vedic Nadi Astrology, friendly planets like Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu in trine to Saturn in the same direction or atleast in second and twelfth houses to Saturn without enemy planetary interventions to Saturn give rise to professional affluence of very high in order.

Here is a case study towards delineating professional affluence through Nadi approach. Given below is a chart in respect of a successful businessman engaged in export business of various commodities born on Delineating Career through Nadi approach a Saturn is exalted in Libra West directional sign and thus very powerful. There is no planet in the same direction as that of Saturn because other two West Directional signs viz. Gemini and Aquarius are vacant.

This is capable of giving independent profession. This combination is a pointer to doing trading in agricultural related commodities. Since Scorpio is a watery sign, trading across seas is signified. But hurdles in profession are seen, as both Moon and Mars are inimical to Saturn. Moreover, there is exchange of house between Saturn 4th lord and Venus 2nd lord , which is a very good Dhan Yoga.

Few Raj Yogas Cannot Make You a KING

If the bride and bridegroom’s Nakshatras belong to the same Nadi i. In case their birth Nakshatras belong to different Nadis, then under Nadikoota full 8 points are scored by the couple. Sage visishtha is said to differ from the above views. In this context, it is also pertinent to note that 12 Rashis are divided in 4 Varnas. Perhaps this shloka is meant for Brahmin Rashis rather than Brahmin caste.

But nadi astrology match making free future, aries is malefic sign for Saturn. Astronomy is a pure science, astrology is not only helpful in knowing the future rather it is .

Counting from that of the girl if the star of the boy comes as 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 22, 25 they agree. This confers wealth and children for the couple. Counting from that of the girl, if the star of the boy is more than 13 it agrees. Some declare that if it is 7 it agrees. The benefit of this is that the span of married life will extend for long period. The above mentioned 10 Kootas are the main ones considered before deciding on a marriage. The following two kootas are also used in certain cases.

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By the power of the Siva Vakiya Maharishi, who he was the senior of the 18 siddhas had research about human life and predicted their birth according to their karmic debit with the identification of their thumb impression like top , middle and low lines by which they will have a life as high class or low class by performing certain remedies they can change their sufferings and fulfill their needs as per the leaf. Did a seer from India record your Past, Present and Future so many years ago? This is called as Nadi Josiyam or Nadi Astrology.

Can you believe that someone in Tamilnadu District keeps the records of your past, present and future? It may be a wonder for you, but the truth is obvious.

Nadi Koota is the most important and most powerful test in Kundli Matching as it holds the highest score points, that is 8 points, in the Ashtakoota Milan System which assesses the compatibility of the partners to be married out of a total 36 points.

Our decade old experienced Astrologers at “Akashvaani” will get you the exact reason and remedies to overcome these fundamentals and make your choice of marriage a success. Arrange Marriage The Marriage Prediction on arranged marriage, promised marriage, can be very much calculated by studying the birth chart or kundali of an individual.

It also pays attention to the planetary positions that decide the time of marriage , kind of partner suitable for you. Based on analyzing the planetary positions one can predict the other factors that lead to smooth married life or unhappy married life. A deep observation and study of your birth chart will determine all aspects of marriage. This is because each and every planet has a great influence on your marital life and if these planet are studied well they can help you to get the right partner, Location, time and also tell you the kind of family one will get married.

For Instance for a harmonious and lasting marriage planet like Jupiter, Venus, moon, mars in birth chart should be extremely supportive and auspicious.

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Its Professional Edition 4. Among others its online matrimonial match making gun milan result and predictions are the most liked one. Nakshatra Phal is a prediction part, aimed specially for children. Parents can now get the predictions for their children directly from our site.

Nadi Dosha & Chart Matching In Vedic astrology marriage match is done primarily by matching the Nakshatra of a body and a girl. In North India this Nakshatra based match is called Ashtakuta Guna Milap or 36 point match.

You can use it to quiet your mind before beginning a meditation practice, and it is particularly helpful to ease racing thoughts if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, or having trouble falling asleep. There are several different styles of Nadi Shodhana, but they all serve the purpose of creating balance and regulating the flow of air through your nasal passages.

This breath is great for restoring that necessary balance. In addition to calming the mind and reversing stress, alternate nostril breathing also: If you find it difficult to settle into your meditations, try moving through a few rounds first, then remain seated and shift directly into stillness; this should help to ground you before meditation. Nadi Shodhana Practice Next time you find yourself doing too many things at once, or you sense panic or anxiety begin to rise, move through a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing.

Take a comfortable and tall seat, making sure your spine is straight and your heart is open. Relax your left palm comfortably into your lap and bring your right hand just in front of your face. With your right hand, bring your pointer finger and middle finger to rest between your eyebrows, lightly using them as an anchor. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out through your nose. Close your right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through the left nostril slowly and steadily.

Close the left nostril with your ring finger so both nostrils are held closed; retain your breath at the top of the inhale for a brief pause. Open your right nostril and release the breath slowly through the right side; pause briefly at the bottom of the exhale.

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Nadi is an ancient astrology, which has been composed by great sages of ancient India in the past using their spiritual powers. The sages recorded these predictions for every individual for the betterment of humanity. These sages predicted the characteristics, family history, as well as the careers of innumerable individuals contain in several thousand volumes, each containing around a hundred predictions.

Nadi Astrology originated thousands of years ago in India. In ancient times the great sages of India had the power to look into the past and future of the entire universe and recorded the life of each human being on palm leaves in an ancient Tamil script.

A Horoscope or birth chart is snap shot of planetary combinations at your birth. Your free astrology horoscope consists of complete Vedic Astrological Charts and general predictions showing the exact position of all planets at the time of birth, their relationship with each other, and explanation of different planetary positions in conjunction with various houses.

Through this web site, we are giving various Vedic Indian Astrology and remedial services for Indian and abroad people. We are offering various paid Astrology services like horoscopes, Forecast reports, Muhurta service, and consultations for better and detailed analysis and much more.. In free Astrology service section you can find free horoscope, Kundli Matching, KP Horoscope, panchang for your place, Rashiphal, Kaala sarpa dosha check, Mangal Dosha check tool, Pancha pakshi, and much more We will try to add more free services very soon.

For those who are interested in learning Astrology you can find Astrology lessons in Telugu Section. We are adding some more lessons and articles very soon. Go through the web site to find more details and Services. Please do give your feedback which helps us to serve you better and give more services. You can visit this web site on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Please note that all online Astrology services like janamkundali, marriage matching etc.. Year Rashiphal Rashifal from Aries to Pisces based on your Moon sign Check Now Astrology is not a myth or belief, it’s pure science which is helping people from thousands of years India and all over the world. This is life giving science which guides us for a better and problem free life.

The main aim of Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham is spreading of this divine science and giving proper guidelines to youth. Current generation youth suffering with so many issues like, education, career, marriage, etc.

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History[ edit ] In Tamil Nadu, the texts are mainly written in Vattezhuthu , which is an ancient Thamizh Tamil script. They were written by an ancient priest or “Rishi” called Agastya who had a highly developed consciousness. These ancient records of providence were made famous by practitioners around the Vaitheeswara Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu. The British colonialists later showed interest in the Naadi leaves concerned with herbs and medicine, future prediction, etc.

Some leaves got destroyed, and the remaining were auctioned during the British Raj rule.

A Horoscope matching report of a couple will be based on an analysis of the couples’ birth chart to find their mental compatibilities and see how harmonious, balanced and .

It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient time Procedure of Nadi Astrology The procedure involved in the reading of the palm leaves in Nadi Astrology is a closely guarded secret, being passed down from generation to generation. They are not gerneally exposed to the common public. The Nadi astrologer first takes the thumbprint of the person who has come in serach of his Nadi leaf.

He then uses the print of the thumb to identify the possible palm leaves from the numerous manuscripts in his possession. Usually Nadi Readers have bundles of these palm inscriptions at their disposal. It is not a certainity that the person’s leaf would be with that particular Nadi Reader. It might be with a another Reader in India. Else the leaf might have vanished after years of neglect. Once the Nadi Reader locates the particular bundle , he begins to read from each leaf and asks the person a series of questions about his or her life, while attempting to identify the correct leaf.

This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours and it should be noted that it isn’t always possible to identify a person’s record. Once he locates the correct leaf , he begins to read from the leaf, describing the person’s life in detail. First there would be a general reading and then, based on the person’s interest, additional leaves are consulted to explore areas such as marital relationships, profession and business, past or future lives, etc.

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